Listed below are the video clips that are included in my articles about Sanford Moeller's book.  They should be followed up some time in the future, however, with actually reading the articles!

Videos produced by  Tommy William Hanson, BA, Music NARD        

Vintage Snare Drumming (open style)

Right Hand Grip

Left Hand Grip

The Mixed Triplet:



Finger Bouncing (Using Vintage Grips)

Demo - What is Finger Bouncing? Finger Bouncing - Left Hand
Finger Bouncing - Right Hand Finger Bouncing (Fast Tempo) Right Hand
Finger Bouncing Alternating Hands (medium tempo) Finger Bouncing Alternating with Wrist/Arm


One Handed Roll

One Handed on H.H.   (R H - thumb fulcrum)
One Handed on H.H.   (L H - traditional grip)
Chapin-Style Triplets    (Right Hand - thumb fulcrum)
One Handed Roll         (Vintage 'Little Finger Grip')


Improvising With Some Rudiments



Hi-Hat with Snare Drum

H.H.& SNARE 2/3


Materials from the 'Moeller book'

Whipping Down Stroke
The Long Roll
Up Stroke Technique Exercise

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