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(Remember to keep track of your uploaded image 'tracking number')



*Did you just now  UPLOAD  A  GRAPHIC IMAGE ?  

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If you wish to return later...we'll keep your uploaded image for 21 days (bookmark this page & write down your tracking number) 


       Your uploaded image ...
  • Must measure 1 5/8 Inches Square (or approximately 40 Cm Square)

  • We only accept JPG images

  • No extra charge for color 

(After Reading Directions Below)    

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WE MAKE ONLY ONE SIZE   ~   With Safety (Pin) Clasp

 ~  1 by 1 Inches Square  ~

(38.1 Millimeters)


  To Customers Doing Re-sale & To Customers Who Are Fundraising ... Our Suggested Retail Price or Donation, Is: 

  $2.00 (per button) 



        BUTTON  SAMPLE                                                       ORIGINAL GRAPHIC

   Can be used as a Quality Name Tag      ~      We encourage customers to send the exact size graphic

Attention Customers:   (YOU MAY SAY) ...

 My Uploaded Image is NOT ... 1 5/8  by  1 5/8 Inches Square


For an extra charge ... E-mail us and ask to have your uploaded image adjusted to the right size

~we will send you a proof before final payment & before completing your order~ 



When Ordering Graphics Work - Here's what to do...

E-Mail -


INCLUDE image tracking-number of previously uploaded image OR include a graphic image in your e-mail (as an attachment)...don't forget to explain what you wish to 'see' on the button


Please Read Graphics Agreement...



  • To arrange for graphics work - first, initiate a button order 

  •  Click on one of the order choices at the bottom of the page to make your order

  • After we confirm proof of purchase, your graphics work (cropping, etc.) is scheduled

  • A sample image is sent back to you (the customer) when ready (usually within 24 Hrs)

  • Final payment ($9.25 per hr) is charged for graphics work

  • After payment for graphics work, your button design will go to button press

  • Order complete



Cancel your button order (requiring graphic's work) at anytime

A REFUND Will Be Made For Unfinished Orders    (Minus Graphic's Charges, if any 

~   NOTE:  For the best results, we encourage customers to supply an image that is the correct size    ~

  5/8  Inches Square  or  4 Centimeters Square  (412 mm to be exact)  

Providing (uploading) the correct size will mean a quick turnaround !


  • [5 to 7 days] - is the normal turnaround (surface shipping rates)
  • E-mail for express shipping arrangements or for a courier estimate  (
  • International Orders (outside US and Canada) will pay an * extra (small) shipping charge

        * This Charge will be based on location (shipping address) and size of order (to be determined)



       To Order:  Choose from below...(click appropriate quantity)

10 buttons        1.50 ea      

 100 Buttons     1.10 ea

25 Buttons        1.30 ea      

 250 Buttons     0.95 ea

  50 Buttons        1.25 ea      

 375  Buttons    0.85 ea

 75 Buttons        1.15 ea      

 500 Buttons     0.80 ea

No extra charge for color - We merely copy your supplied graphic and transfer the complete image to your custom-made button

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED (see button sample above) ~  Notice that button colors look great 


For orders over 500 custom made buttons ~ Contact: