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  Button Name Tags  For your guests / clients  (who deserve an attractive-looking 'name badge')

A (pin back) BUTTON USED AS A NAME TAG (below)...

Station KVAL sample Name Tag Button

A scanned button  (to see result) 


Made from your uploaded Image - Logo - Photo


                (1)    CUSTOM MADE NAME TAG  BUTTONS

  • Your uploaded graphic must measure 1 5/8 Inches Square (or approx. 40 mm Square)

  • We only accept JPG images

  • No extra charge for color 

CLICK for a tip when uploading your graphic



* Order Our Name Tags  - when opting to supply your clientele with a  high quality guest name tags

* We can supply a Name Tag Button with your logo and individualized printed guest names'

* Requesting a specific font for name is usually no problem


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WE MAKE ONLY ONE SIZE   ~   With 'Safety Pin' Clasp

 ~  1 by 1 Inches Square  ~

(38.1 Millimeters)


Attention Customers:   (YOU MAY SAY) ...

 My Uploaded Image is NOT ... 1 5/8   by  1 5/8 Inches Square


E-mail us and ask to have your uploaded image adjusted to the right size (extra charges apply)

~We will send you a proof before final payment & before completing your order~ 

details here



  • [5 to 7 days] - is the normal turnaround (surface shipping rates)
  • E-mail Carol for an express shipping arrangement or for a courier estimate  (  A phone conversation may be necessary to 'get it right' be sure we have your telephone number included with your order information
  • International Orders (outside US and Canada) will have an * extra (small) shipping charge added  * This Charge is based on location (shipping address) and size of order (to be determined)


       To Order:  Choose from below...(click appropriate quantity)

10   to  10 custom-made promotional buttons            1.50 ea
11   to  24 custom-made promotional buttons            1.40 ea
25   to  49 custom-made promotional buttons            1.30 ea
50   to  74 custom-made promotional buttons            1.20 ea
75   to  99 custom-made promotional buttons            1.10 ea
100 to 249 custom-made promotional buttons            1.00 ea
250 to 374 custom-made promotional buttons            0.90 ea
375 to 500 custom-made promotional buttons            0.80 ea



.......... 10 name tag buttons  (to inc'l logo & printed names)  $2.00 ea
11   to 24  name tag buttons  (to inc'l logo & printed names)  $1.80 ea
25   to 49  name tag buttons   (to inc'l logo & printed names)  $1.70 ea
50   to 74  name tag buttons  (to inc'l logo & printed names)  $1.60 ea
75   to 99  name tag buttons  (to inc'l logo & printed names)  $1.50 ea
100 to 249 name tag buttons   (to inc'l logo & printed names)  $1.40 ea ( 2 days production before shipping)
250 to 374 name tag buttons  (to inc'l logo & printed names)  $1.30 ea ( 3 days production before shipping) 
375 to 500 name tag buttons  (to inc'l logo & printed names)  $1.20 ea (5 days production before shipping)

Producing 'Button-Style Name Tags' Is Labor Intensive ... (prices above)

~ For a high-end (more professional) look for your guests & clients ... use buttons

~  Logo and the Individual Names Are Printed one at a time ... Per Button !

     For orders over 500 buttons ... contact: