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Free Music Staff Paper
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Online-PaperTemplates™ are perfect for those  who care about the appearance of hand-written notation on paper!  

             Tommy William Hanson


Q: Your advertising mentions that Online-PaperTemplates are custom 
made. Please explain.

A: Our approach is to make sure that the musical notes are the most
important;  i.e...written music takes precedence over the template itself. 

Therefore, any text on the template is reduced in size and will not stand out. This is also true for our company's identification at the bottom of the printed sheet. 

For example, the text identifying TAB is also reduced. Bold bars and any brackets are designed to give a transparent effect by not appearing 'to loud'.  The end result is that the composition (the music notation) is easily seen and read.  One may find 'free' music templates on the Internet, but compare the difference as to how they appear when printed.   Print our free sample and compare.



I purchased your template kit and just would like to say that I have found 'free' music paper on the Internet...but the quality of most everything I downloaded wasn't that good.  Thank you for taking the time to design something that looks very professional.  Every kind of school supply paper style seems to be there as well.  Great graph paper.

EA (Shanghai)


Q: What are the computer requirements?

A: Recommended for print machines manufactured in recent years (300 dpi and above). Not recommended for use with a Dot-Matrix printer. machine.

Files are in PDF format.  "Print on demand" at home is quite practical now-a-days. It was not practical in the past as the industry had to evolve quality printers for home use.  We feel that our product is the BEST that can be purchased through the Internet for obtaining 'on demand' files.


Q: Your site is not clear to me…Do I pay more than once?

A: After downloading the Zip file, you have completed the process. Store the unzipped files on a CD, Floppy or on your computer’s Hard Drive. Print as many sheets as you wish at your own computer indefinitely. 


*If you coach sports, you can utilize the sports templates to create plays to show athletes strategies and movement.


You are encouraged to E-mail us about Online-PaperTemplates™.
WANT US TO CUSTOM MAKE MUSIC TEMPLATES?  Ask about designing custom files for you (any subject). All inquiries are welcome…

Print on demand...what you need on your own printer. Many templates are totally original and cannot be purchased anywhere else.

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