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The 'Moeller Stroke'...What is it?

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To focus on a specific issue ... what would be the result if someone were to ask a drummer (who has had some lessons), to describe exactly what the 'moeller stroke' is and how the technique aids in rendering a 'roll with one-hand'?

Would most answer this question with a description, consisting of (roughly) the same generic information?  Read comments chosen from a number of drum forums ... (just below).  Following are a few random comments (paraphrases), archived on the Internet...



 The Moeller Stroke (what is it?)


Some of the above is near correct ... that is, similar references are found in Moeller's writings concerning the school of drumming Moeller describes.  But, what about some of the other comments?  They do not seem to portray techniques from Moeller's book at all!  And if this is so, why are they associated with Moeller's name?

If the above comments are so varied, what picture of the 'Moeller stroke' does one come away with?

And speaking of pictures, Moeller was able to demonstrate (with moving picture stills), (and with 1920s technology), how a drum was played in times past.  He accomplished his task, impressively well, it would seem.  Even though they are from the mid 1920s, the book's pictures are worth a thousand words.

Those who have seen or actually have 'The Moeller Book', know that Moeller accompanied the book's text with pictures showing the specific motions of the techniques described.  It is not arctic ice clear, however, as to which picture sequence (in the book) shows the 'Moeller stroke'! 


It seems, unfortunately, that students think that they don't have to read about Moeller's ideas in his book. Many times one can get good advice from local teachers, but definitely not always.  Having a self-instructor manual ('the Moeller book'), is not a bad place to begin for many circumstances. 

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