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Blank Tab Paper - THEN & NOW                                                                                  


In days gone by, TAB Paper ('music sheets' that support guitar tablature) had to be printed, packaged, shipped, and sold as pads or individual sheets.  Think of the cost of getting tablature paper delivered to you, for you to use, for your next assignment, lesson or composition!

Now-a-days (through the Internet), graphics can be transmitted directly to the customer using "Portable Document Format" files (PDFs).  The saving of time and energy is considerable ... energy to print tab sheets ... energy to ship the tab sheets to wholesaler ... energy to ship to retailer ... energy to transport the customer to retail outlet and back again.  The Internet has changed all that... end of advertisement for energy conservation!


The realization of a product, today, can take place on the customer's side


Blank 'Tablature Paper' (guitar paper or blank guitar sheets or as some say, tab lines) can be printed on anyone's computer printer, now a days.  Printing only one sheet at a time is key to saving energy and resources.  Print (replicate!) only what you need!!  Don't buy one thousand sheets of tab lines ... buy a file that can print one thousand sheets!!

Gone are the days of going to the store and finding that TAB paper (guitar manuscript or guitar staff paper) is sold out!  Also gone is having a dozen sheets, or so, left over from the package, that may never be used!

Our 'print on demand' generation lives smarter ... we print from templates & print ONLY what we need.


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