Over the years, notating a rhythm has often been done using just one line.  On a single line...notate one hand above the line and the other hand below;


...Two instruments can be notated (1 high pitched and 1 pitched lower).  There are many publications using this approach.  For most new students, it's  easier to learn when visualizing the rhythm in a simple format (one line)...See below: 


Or using two pedals:


The 9 notation styles shown here have been innovated by authors/teachers over the past several decades.   When using specialized stationery, it often helps students to learn easier.  Extra lines can be distracting...small note heads  may not be large enough or clear enough to help the student. 

All 10 styles of notation paper available for $4.98

(9 varieties plus common music paper)


These lines were innovated [circa early 1980s] under the name... Drum-Write.   Packages were printed and shipped.  Since the advent of the World Wide Web, printing & shipping are no longer necessary.  Click for a free sample    Go to download page...HERE