Note that two lines have been added to the common music staff.  Also, the bass drum and snare drum do not occupy the first and third space.  In this way, notating 6 or 7 drums and beyond is possible.  Nine Tom-Toms are shown on  the music staff below...



Here is a way to notate 6 toms, bass and snare...

Combinations are almost endless.  We can all create our own unique instrument.  Simply include a legend for whatever you have assembled around you.  By adding another staff, notating 20 instruments can be done without a problem.  The notation method is fairly consistent from six to twenty percussion instruments (SEE NOTATION LINES USING 12 LINES)



Seven lines [shown above] is an innovation needed in order to notate more drums than the standard 5-piece.  

Also, moving the bass and snare allows for tuned percussion instruments (electronic or otherwise).  Add a clef and/or accidentals and place notes on the staff according to pitch.  The legend would then indicate what is called for.  

One purchase gives you several styles of notation lines to print out and use as often as you wish (standard music paper also included). 

All 10 styles of notation paper templates available for $4.98

(9 varieties plus standard music paper)


Making the above notation lines available to teachers and students began in the early 1980s under the name... Drum-Write .  Packages were printed and shipped.  Since the advent of the World Wide Web, printing & shipping are no longer necessary.  Click for a free sample to see the quality of the notation paper.    Go to download page  HERE