Here's a great way to show ideas for the 4-piece traditional Drum Set.  Nearly all books started out writing for the 4-piece..!

This setup calls for one high pitched tom-tom and one tom-tom pitched somewhat lower.  Large notes make things easy to understand.  The following example is easy to follow...perfect for that individual who needs to see it large.

5 - Lines Wide

Different styles of notation lines fit different situations.   These notation lines were innovated by authors/teachers over the past several decades.  Some used wide lines while others used narrow lines in their books etc.  Using specialized stationery often helps a student to learn easier.  Small notes may not be large enough or clear enough to help.  

All 10 styles of notation paper templates available for $4.98

9 varieties...a single download purchase gives you several styles of notation lines to use as often as you wish ~ standard music paper also included


Making the above notation lines available to teachers and students began in the early 1980s under the name... Drum-Write .  Packages were printed and shipped.  Since the advent of the World Wide Web, printing & shipping are no longer necessary.  Click for a free sample to see the quality of the notation paper.    Go to download page  HERE