This Page Will Help Drummers (Any Percussion Specialist) To Better Notate Rhythms By Using Specialized Music Stationery 

Notating on one of the paper styles (shown below) will usually upgrade the appearance of a teacher's (student's) hand-written assignments   ~ guaranteed ~

Notation will acquire a more professional look when using these templates.  View/download a Sample to evaluate the quality and appearance of Drum-Write™ notation lines.



(click on any of the following to view a sample design / layout)

Single line Music Paper  (five lines)
Double line narrow 5-Lines Wide (large music paper)
Double line wide 7-Lines (sets for 6-12 drums)
3-Lines Narrow 12-Lines (sets for up to 20 drums) [view sample]
3-Lines Wide Manuscript Paper (Drum Corps style -Score)

The  different styles of notation lines [shown above] have been innovated by authors/teachers over the past several decades.  Some would notate exercises using wide lines while others used narrow lines in their books etc.  


BACKGROUND ... Making the above notation lines available to teachers and students began in the early 1980s under the name... Drum-Write™... Packages were printed and shipped.

Since the advent of the World Wide Web, printing & shipping are no longer necessary.  PDF files will print quality music lines on a computer ... thus saving resources [ Click for a free sample to see the quality of a print-out]  

Specialized stationery often helps a student to learn easier.  When learning and reading notated rhythms, extra lines can be distracting...small note heads may not be large enough or clear enough.

Purchase (12) blank PDF files for notating rhythms and coordination patterns.  TO ORDER CLICK ON "Notation Lines" below ...   


Notation Lines  

Blank custom designed music paper for rhythm notation 

(Twelve Different Templates ... $4.95)


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